Making Your Home Safe

Expanding on the topic of my last post, I’d like to discuss a few baby proofing tips with you all. Once you have found the dream home where you would like to raise your child, your job is still far from over. After moving in, it is time to start making your home a secure and welcoming environment for your baby. Depending on the home you choose, this can be as simple as putting covers on your outlets or much more complicated. No matter what you decide to go with, any home can be made safe with the right amount of time and effort. The initial purchasing decision should be based on a combination of factors, and not only on how ready the house is for a baby. This is something that can be changed at the end of the day. You will almost never find a home that is in perfectly baby proof condition unless the owners have recently added a member to the family themselves. Otherwise, this is something that you will need to assume responsibility for as the new proprietors and expectant parents.

So where do you begin? It’s hard to imagine what a baby or toddler may be able to get into. If you have ever spent time around one, you will know that they often do things that are unexpected, or wind up in some very unlikely situations. They are going to want to explore their environment, and your adult logic will not apply here. That is why it is better to be safe than sorry. All it takes is a minute of distraction for your child to get into trouble. You can’t rely on constant monitoring to keep them safe.

This is where locks and baby gates come into play. At the very least, drawers and cabinets where medication, cleaning supplies, and other toxic or harmful substances are kept should be kept safely locked. What many parents do not consider is that your child ingest almost anything that can be swallowed. This also includes innocuous items such as beauty products, nail polish remover, shampoos, hand soap, essential oils, etc that you may be more likely to leave lying around. Remember to also keep these items out of reach or locked away. Any small objects that your child might choke on should also be stored away or gotten rid of. A good test to determine if the size of an object poses a choking hazard to your baby or toddler is to consider whether or not it would easily pass through the center of a toilet paper roll. If it can, then it is not appropriate for your child to have access to.

Baby gates are another great way to protect your child from injury or dangerous situations. There are many hazards found in the kitchen – hot stoves, knives, sharp forks. It is best to keep your baby from getting into this area of your home. Stairs to the second floor or basement should also be blocked off to prevent falls.

Home Buying Tips For New Parents

When I was pregnant with my first child, my husband and I were still living in a loft downtown. It was a great place for just the two of us – limited cleaning and maintenance, close proximity to his office, convenient access to shyay-1467997-digitalopping and restaurants – but it wasn’t the right place to start a family. Once we got the results of my pregnancy test back, it was clear that we needed to start thinking about purchasing a proper home for our growing family. We started looking at different neighborhoods in Northwest Arkansas, and asking our friends and family about their experiences with their respective areas. It was a lot to think about, especially because we hadn’t planned to start a family so soon. But things happen as they do, and we felt nothing but joy and excitement upon discovering we were going to have a baby.

Being a new parent is a somewhat scary experience. For many, it is new territory where they have limited experience or knowledge. Unless you grew up taking care of your siblings or babysitting a lot, you’re not really sure what to expect or what you’re supposed to do. As an only child, I didn’t even know how to change a diaper. So began the researching.

Our first priority was finding a spacious home with a secure yard. After viewing a couple of homes, our criteria began to change. We realized many of the homes we were looking at would require a fair bit of work to make them safe for our child. Too many stairs, master bedrooms that were too far from other rooms, unfenced pools. All these things we never thought about before suddenly became glaring problems. In addition to the home itself, location was another important consideration. We thought about school districts but failed to think about facilities where our child could play. A yard is a wonderful and safe place for a child to begin exploring the world, but we also decided we needed to access to a park that was within walking distance where our son could meet friends and develop critical social skills.

That leads me to the point of this post. There are many things for new parents to consider when buying a home in Northwest Arkansas. Many you will not think of until you’ve attended a few showings in person. Try to imagine your life in that home: where your child will play, where they will sleep, where they could possibly have an accident or get into trouble. Expand your imagination outside of the home as well. Think of their daily activities, where you would take them, going to and from school every day.

Finally, a few more quick tips for homebuyers with a baby on the way:

  • Research the safety and crime rate of any neighborhood you are considering.
  • Choose a home that can be made baby proof with ease. Simpler is better. Hearths, nooks, and winding staircases may look nice, but will be difficult to work around.

Counting Down The Days

Green Baby Goods is an idea that has sat in the dream realm for far too long. I had always wanted to pursue a business producing eco-friendly, non-toxic, handmade baby products for the environmentally conscious parent who demands the best when it comes to their children. I understand this niche very well, because I am one of those parents. I began making “green” baby products after the birth of my first son, Nathaniel. As a first-time parent, I was paranoid about the safety and health of my child. I wanted to afford him the best start in life, and to me, that meant protecting him from exposure to toxic materials and chemicals. Whether it was his baby food, his diapers, or his toys, I would carefully read the labels and research the brand before giving anything to him. But this still did very little to ease my mind, because I felt I could never be 100% sure about the accuracy or truthfulness of the limited information provided on most labels.

That is when I decided to create my own baby products from natural ingredients and materials, many of which were locally sourced or provided to me by family friends. By making the items myself, I knew exactly what was going into them, what treatments they had been exposed to, and what process was used.

When my second and third child came along, I was already well versed in producing everything from my own baby shampoo to diapers to baby food. My decision to be a stay-at-home-mom gave me the ability to devote time to learning and creating my own baby goods, however, I knew that many men and women out there do not have that option. I began to make extra products to give to my friends and relatives as well. All of them encouraged me to turn my passion into a business.

The idea never occurred to me before it was brought up by others. To me, I was only doing a mother’s duty. But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense to me. Although I toyed with the idea for many years, I knew it wasn’t something I could pursue seriously until my children were a little bit older. Raising three toddlers is more than a full-time job, and I wasn’t ready to sacrifice time with my children just yet. It would go against my decision to be a stay-at-home mom in the first place.

With each year that passed, I grew more and more anxious to begin developing Green Baby Goods. Finally I am in a position where I feel I can devote time to running my own business without guilt or doubt. My product line will be ready to launch in a month, so I am starting this blog to provide those who have supported and encouraged me to chase my dream with frequent updates and information. This blog is also a place for those who are unfamiliar with my eco-friendly baby goods to learn more about upcoming products, as well as pick up some tips and tricks.